Monday, June 27, 2011

Brandisii- bamboo cottage for Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Karnataka

simple straight forward approach, with a habitable unit, with attached toilet and an elevated attached sit-out on a tree house concept.

main aim to do maximum in bamboo and not to waste any part of the material.
locally growing Dendrocalamus Brandisii is used, procured from coorg area.

Monday, March 21, 2011

roof top pre-fabricated cottage

Bamboo Cube Cottage
Specially designed to suit the ever changing needs of High-end Urban scenario.
Modular design helps the Cube in multiplying in horizontal axes , making it adaptable towards growing demands of space extensions.
Visual aesthetics follows the rule of simple straight lines with minimalist approach emphasising on the linear element in Bamboos. The core structure is devised to carry variety of wall cladding to match to specific requirement. Walling takes care of insulation, services and can be designed to carry built-in accessories like storage, lighting etc.
Assembly  and installation has been made easy using minimal hardware and joinery. Following the construction principles of knockdown structures,  ease of portability and longevity of use has been given due consideration while design, development and execution.
Core structure is a bamboo skeleton cl added with different walling types. The ideal solution for roofing and walling would be SIP (structural insulated panels) using bamboo mat and CGI pre-coated sheets.
Other walling types has been achieved by artisan- made mats glued to exterior grade boards. This composition is finished with exterior grade coatings and half cut bamboo poles to suit different aesthetic requirements.
The whole unit is fastened to wooden framework, that is mounted on concrete pedestals, floating on the rooftop as an extension of existing home. This structure can be grounded on the site with basic column based foundation to form part of natural landscape.
Furniture and Lighting forms an integral part of main structure providing an emotional edge to the whole setting.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

forest utility

Bamboo Forest Utility

designed an elevated structure for a doc in Jodhpur for his farmhouse. accommodating around 25+ people and double the bottles, for using it optimistically and optimally.
though climatic conditions were continuously challenging, but ultimately a good outcome. tested ourselves and Indian bamboos for double story, which has convinced.

now proposing such elevated camouflaged structures to tourism industry, to have an elevated viewpoint. why see things from singular perspective, nee!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

bamboo shop @ tribes india

transformed the IITF 2009, NMBA exhibit into a bamboo store, was challenging but interesting exercise. giving volume and surface area to an open structure wasn't very easy but interesting enough.

bamboo shop located at 9, mahadev road, new delhi, with Tribes India, where bamboo based tribal products would be displayed and sold, encouraging tribal to keep following their tradition.

measuring 565 sft, walls were erected using bamboo slat faced walling panels, which are 16mm thick, which gave a very elegant finish. these boards are very sturdy as well as heavy, but super strong. flooring is again bamboo flooring parquets.

the shop interiors, which includes lighting fixtures and display stands were fabricated by TBDC, Ahmedabad.

the overall experience has been very good, though the project got deeelayed for some or other reason.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green Room, stair way shelter and Auditorium bridge, IFCI Tower, Nehru Place
Located at the business hub at Nehru Place, New Delhi. IFCI Ltd. has an auditorium for various purposes, out of which main being the performances. IFCI with the ideology of adopting to green culture with green building and supporting the cause of usage of bamboo as structural as well as aesthetic element, approached NMBA.
The total covered area/area handled being 570 sq.ft and providing shelter to existing bridge and stair case, while creating the entire green room, including couple of changing rooms, toilet and main make-up area.
The main structure is designed using structural bamboos, while the surface to the structure is provided by bamboo composite SIP, and roofing with bamboo composite roofing panels.
The bridge and he stair case shelter has a cascading approach into its elevation, all the roofing panels are connected, though not physically not connected the top view reveals the idea), other components are designed using the linearity of bamboo for creating mass/surfaces. Intricate bamboo structure interlocks as well as creates balance and movement in the structure in addition to skeletal and surface requirement.
The complete structure is a knockdown structure, which could be brought down.